Activity Sign Up & Arrival Info: There will be a chance Thursday to meet some of the workshop coordinators and sign up for the any workshops that hold limited space.Volunteers are on hand to facilitate and provide limited supplies. Some workshops may be limited so ask about sign up sheets.

Kid’s Area Location:  Located in the Pic-Nick Shelter adjacent to the lower amphitheater entry gate and along the edge of the  large pond.

Dates & Hours Of Operation:
Thursday – 12:00PM – until 7:00PM.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 9:00AM until 7:00PM.

Helpful Info & Links for Families

Interested in Facilitating a Kids Area Workshop? Click here to fill out an application to facilitate!

Kid’s Area Facebook Page fb_vector_blk_32: Follow our Facebook page. Connect with Staff & other parents!
Packing Suggestions: A few suggestions on what to bring for your family to be more comfortable.
A Few Safety Tips & Arrival Info: For your peace of mind at NWSS An FAQ on what to expect and prepared for your families visit to NWSS and Family Camp.

2019 Not For Kids Only Daily Schedules

String Summit is a strong family-oriented festival. We are very excited to announce an expansion to the Kid’s Area! Our children will be the ones to carry on the love for bluegrass and celebration of our extended family of kinfolk, and we want to leave families with memories that won’t be forgotten.

String Summit welcomes families to join in the adventure of creating, laughing and exploring at The Kids Area throughout the weekend here at Horning’s Hideout’s and Northwest String Summit festival. Hours of operation to be posted soon along with a schedule of activities, workshops and youth-oriented entertainment.

A key concept that we want to focus on is our impact at the event by re-using, recycling, and up-cycling. We have taken some traditional crafts and applied an innovative use from everyday recycled materials.

Our Kid’s Area features fun for all ages including crafts, kid’s parade preparation, games, new music workshops, and youth-oriented discussions on today’s pertinent topics facing our youth and planet. There will be various board games and books for reading. Materials for costume making and parade preparation throughout the weekend.
This year, Rainbow Lightning Youth Village is excited to have the opportunity to co-create a most magical space for children and their families at the Northwest String Summit!

Dedicated to holding space for youth, our future leaders, Rainbow Lightning Youth Village empowers self-expression through art, music, nature, and love!
Creating a community around new ideas and collaborative projects, Rainbow Lightning is designed to re-connect each individual, no matter what age, with their inner child!
Reminding all who participate, just how good it feels to let your true self shine!

Our team or family, is made up of artists, musicians and “imagineers” that have a true passion for teaching and sharing their gifts with the world!
Each individual that has chosen to spread their Rainbow Light with us, is an open minded, kind-hearted, generous soul that truly enjoys showing others the ins and outs of their craft!The Rainbow Lightning  family team strives to inspire EVERYONE around them to awaken the unique gifts that lie within their heart and always shine their brightest, being proud of who they are!


Meet Rainbow Lightning Staff:

: Founder of Rainbow Lightning Youth Village, was born and raised in New York. She earned a bachelors degree in humanities [focusing on art, business, health and wellness] from the State University of New York at Oneonta. During her time in school, Taylor taught herself how to sew; she began to design clothing and spread her passion for self expression through wearable art, by teaching sewing lessons! Before leaving New York to start her life in Colorado, Taylor spent time working as an art therapist [for adults and children on all aspects of life’s vibrant spectrum!], both privately and in various group/community homes. She was also blessed with the opportunity of working in a number of different theaters, as a tailor, around the northeast region. Taylor’s experiences in New York unveiled to her, a passion for life and a drive to continue spreading her love for healing arts wherever she goes. Summer of 2011, after planting her seeds of creativity in her east coast communities, Taylor moved to Denver, Colorado. It was in Denver, that she found a network of support for her vision to unite the planet through art and music. Feeling so fortunate to have found such a refreshing community of artists, activists and visionary leaders, Taylor decided to stay in Colorado and start a small company, with a BIG mission… Rainbow Lightning!

FRANKI: Rainbow Lightning’s creative spark, Franki Zinke, is here to Be.

She welcomes critters and friends from all walks of life to explore the great expanse of intrinsic creative spirit. Gathering inspiration from surrounding earth energies, wild life and plant peoples, a sacred alchemy is discovered. This academical reaction occurs when the mind links to the heart space, and it is here where creativity brews. It is in all of us, it is seen and unseen, it is felt and embodied in infinite forms. So be here and stay a while; don’t think to hard, Let your art come out to play!

TREAPHORT: When it comes to kids and gathering he’s all about movement, body awareness, imagination and fun! When Trea started gymnastics at 5 years old, he loved it, and knew that using his body to accomplish things was what he wanted to do! So he stuck with it for looong time and then started teaching/coaching gymnastics. Since then, he’s taught any and all levels, but his favorite groups to work with are kids/toddlers; it is a different type of gymnastics that involves a more creative and free imagination, and this is his aspiration for Rainbow Lightning!

We have so many fun activities, arts and crafts, for youngins of all ages! A parent or responsible adult over 18 must accompany and supervise the participating youth at all times. Please note this is not a day-care or babysitting service. Volunteers cannot accept responsibility for your children. This request is in order to minimize the trauma of lost children, (or injured children) and to allow volunteers to facilitate the activities.

This year we want to encourage teens to come join in the fun. There will be activities for them too including board games, yard games, competitions for prizes and workshops of all kinds! Some activities in the workshops may require parents approval.

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