String Summit FAQ


Approximate Box Office Hours - subject to change:

Thursday, 10:00AM - Approx Midnight

Friday, 8:00AM - 10:00PM

Saturday, 8:00AM - 10:00PM

Sunday, 8:00AM - 4:00PM

*Gates will open to public at approximately 10:00AM on Thursday.

*If you arrive after midnight, you will not be allowed down into the amphitheater and could be turned around. Please plan accordingly.

What are you doing about the COVID-19 virus?

We are monitoring the issue very closely. Please follow our page here and our social media outlets to get the latest information.

I am not longer able to attend, can get a refund?

Here are the terms and conditions for ticket purchases. While we do not offer refunds, you can put your ticket up for sale with our after market ticketing partner, Cash Or Trade.

Do I need a Parking Pass?

YES! Parking Passes will be required this year for all cars entering Horning’s Hideout. Parking Passes are offered in advance on our ticketing page. We strongly encourage everyone purchase your Parking Pass in advance and to carpool and offset the cost of this fee. You may come and go and not pay the fee again if the parking pass is displayed.

May I come and go as needed from event?

RE-ENTRY POLICY Patrons will be permitted to exit and re-enter the event if they do so according to event requirements. You will have to pay for parking upon arrival. You will receive a parking pass that will need to be displayed at all times AND to gain re-entry and avoid paying again. We do encourage patrons to bring enough supplies for the entire event. During times of heavy incoming traffic, exiting vehicles may experience delays. IF you know you will have to leave, tell a parking coordinator and they will try to accommodate. Vehicles returning may not be able to return to same parking as before. You may have to park at remote lot.  Intoxicated persons will not be re-admitted. Your vehicle will be searched any time you enter the site. All persons must have the proper event ticket, pass, wristband and ID or they will be required to purchase another ticket.

What are the Box Office Hours for 2018?

You will gain entrance to Horning's Hideout ONLY during these hours *All times are approximate.

Thursday between 9:00AM- 12noon until Approx MIdnight 

Friday 8:00AM - Approx Midnight

Saturday 8:00AM - Approx Midnight

Sunday 8:00AM - Approx Midnight

If you arrive after these hours you will NOT be able to get into the venue and will be turned around. Please plan accordingly.

If RV Camping is SOLD OUT, are there other RV campgrounds close-by?

For those who missed out on an RV pass for a concert, there are RVs spots at other local campgrounds. For those folks who missed out on an RV pass there are two campgrounds that you can park your RV at and commute to Horning's for the concert. They are: Mountaindale Sun Resort (503) 647-2449 about 7 miles from here and Stub Stewart State park, about 15 miles from here. The reservation phone number is 1-800-452-5687.

We have a VW camper van (or other <20ft camper) that we prefer to sleep and make food in. According to the online information, my van is not an RV so we can't stay in that area. Also according to the information, we can't "camp" in the parking area. So, my question is, will you have a van parking area that we can camp in that is somewhat level?

Yes you can, but you will be parked in a normal parking spot, so while you are able to sleep in it you will not be able to set up camp around it for the other cars will be too close. You can set up a place to sit with friends in the camping areas. We do try to hold out some flat areas for those who are sleeping in their vehicle, but once those are gone you will be parked where ever the flow of traffic is going, no other choice so please to not argue with the volunteers for a different spot. Bring blocks to level the van, for much of the parking is on rolling hills. As stated in the small RV policy, we will save a place and a more flat area for vans and such where they can sleep comfortably in the vehicle. They will not be able to set up a camp next to the vehicle at all. They can certainly set up a day use area for themselves, i.e. chairs and such with the rest of the tent campers, but because we do not mix camping and cars they can't set up alongside their vans.

What time will gates open on Thursday?

We hope to open gates between 10AM - 12 PM on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 for 4-Day Pass Holders Only.

Will Box Office be open if I arrive really late/early?

Yes. We should be open from around 11AM on Thurs until Sunday mid-day.

Do you sell 2-Day Passes?

Subject to sell out on 3-Day & 4-Day Passes, we *may* sell  2-Day Passes (Sat/Sun).

Do you sell single day tickets?

Historically we have not sold any single day tickets except Sunday (subject to sell out). If this changes you can find that info on our ticketing page.

Can we arrive Thursday if we only have a 3-Day Pass?

Yes -Subject to availability, you must purchase a Thursday Entry ticket as well. Code is provided on 3-Day Pass ticket OR on day of show purchased at Box Office.

Can we arrive Friday night if we only want to get a 2-Day Pass ( Saturday/Sunday) ticket?

NO. If 2-Day Passes are sold (subject to availability), then tickets include camping so Friday night would not be included in a Saturday/Sunday ticket.

Will Friday ONLY tickets be sold this year?

NO. To attend Friday you will have to purchase either a 3-Day Pass (Fri-Sun) or a 4-Day Pass (Thurs-Sun).

Will Saturday ONLY tickets be sold this year?

NO. To attend Saturday you will have to purchase either a 3-Day Pass (Fri-Sun) or a 4-Day Pass (Thurs-Sun).

Are we allowed to bring alcohol to Horning’s Hideout?

The stated policy for outside alcohol is: NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL Due to restrictions in our insurance policy we are required to enforce this alcohol issue. A variety of microbrews and wine and malternatives will be available with proper ID. *ID IS MANDITORY TO PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES*. No alcohol is available for sale outside of the amphitheater entrance. Vehicles are subject to a brief search upon entering the premises. Patrons and their belongings are subject to search upon entering amphitheater.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

We're sorry, we understand that to many folks dogs are family, but we just can’t deal with the impact and risks involved with having your dog at the show. So we will not tolerate dogs in either the parking lot or the venue itself during concerts.  Unfortunately some folks bring their animals to events anyway and leave them in their car.  Animal Control will break your car window to liberate animals as well as remove any dog left tied to a car.  All dogs found tied up outside of the concert site will be immediately impounded by the local SPCA THE OWNERS WILL BE CITED IN ALL CASES.

Service Dogs?

The only exception to this is service dogs that are trained for a certain task, such as a guide dog for a blind person. Oregon Law does not recognize dogs or other animals as a service animal unless you are blind, deaf or physically handicapped. They must be trained to perform a certain task, not be simply someone's companion. What qualifies as a task are such things as a guide dog for the blind, what does not qualify is a companion dog.

Can I reserve a camping spot in advance?

All camping is first come first serve, including family camping and special needs camping. If you have a legitimate need for family or special needs camping, please notify the box office upon arrival.

Are there shuttles or festival provided transportation to/from Horning's Hideout?

No, we do not provide any means of transportation to or from Horning's Hideout. We suggest travel arrangements be made in advance of the festival. Horning's Hideout is 11mi from nearest MAX (light rail station -(Orenco Station) NW 231St St. Furthermore, we strongly discourage hitchhiking as the roads are very narrow and dangerous.

Are there showers on site?

Yes, Horning's Hideout has 10 shower stalls available for a fee.

Is swimming allowed?

No - Swimming at Horning's Hideout is not allowed during the Northwest String Summit.

Is there going to be a family camping area this year?

Yes! We have set aside a nice area, with quiet-hours, family camp area where we hope parking access will be close to camping. We will have clear signage. These are VERY popular areas and tend to fill quickly.